EXPO MANUFACTURA® 2019 presents the specialized area of ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, considered a technique with an increasingly wide spectrum of applications for the productive sector, offering a number of industrial advantages.


3D digitization gives us the possibility of analyzing an object and identifying its shape, color, and other characteristics. With this information, three-dimensional digital models can be built, making it possible to improve mechanical properties and even functionality.


The industries which most benefit worldwide from Additive Manufacturing are the civil engineering, automotive, aerospace and biomedical sectors.

Additive Manufacturing techniques generate less waste, hence less material costs.

Some of the materials compatible with this technique are titanium, stainless steel, copper, tungsten, glass and multi-component materials of aluminum and copper, among others.


MADiT (National Laboratory for Additive Manufacturing, 3D Digitization and Computed Tomography) is placed among the top 10 Additive Manufacturing laboratories and has achieved facial reconstruction processes as well as computed topographies to elaborate complete transplant designs.

In March 2017, CIDESI (Center of Engineering and Industrial Development) and VIWA Industries signed an agreement to promote the development of specific projects through the operation, organization and development of programs involving academic activities, teaching programs, scientific and technological development, research, and the diffusion of knowledge and culture on topics related to hybrid and additive manufacturing.

In Mexico, additive manufacturing is focused on the remanufacturing of centrifugal compressors and blowers, gas turbines, turbochargers, molds and dies, the manufacture of special components such asturbines, fuel tanks, cellular structures, medical implants and jewelry, the manufacture and repair of tools and equipment, as well as the manufacture of prototypes or the redesign of components forcompanies and governmental entities.

“In recent years, the total revenue generated by this type of technology, in both the service and the product sector, has grown exponentially. 50% of the products that are manufactured byadditive manufacturing form part of a process that arrives to an end user. The medical, aerospace, and electronics industries, for example, are much more focused because their processes andproducts are more directed towards reaching the end user."Juan Alvarado, Director of Surface Engineering at Cidesi

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Ink Injection.
Functional and decorative printing.
3D printing.
Pre-printing and production technologies.
Substrates and engravings.
Office Supplies.
Software / Pre-Printing.
Coding and marking.
Printing pad machines.
Hot stamping.
Finishing equipment.
Hardware and Software.

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